Learn how to find the true source of your overtime, solve the right problems, and start logging off on-time in the next 30 days.

My client, Vasu, was working too much and looking for ways to reduce his workload. When he saw a foolproof way to cut back on his workload, he found no support for his labor-saving proposal in his organization. It was as though nobody even cared about reducing the workload.

When he looked closer, he found out why.

Use the approach we used to identify the true source of his workload, so he could address the problem…

While work is necessary for lifestyle and earnings, and while many people derive deep social and personal meaning from their work, it is also clear that some characteristics of some jobs are downright unhealthy, even despite high earnings and social and personal value.

Is your job killing you?

Here are four examples:

  1. CHRONICALLY LONG WORK DAYS AND WEEKS: The World Health Organization recently shared that workweeks longer than 55 hours are directly responsible for nearly three-quarters of a million deaths annually.
  2. CHRONIC SITTING: The Mayo Clinic has called sitting “the new smoking.”
  3. CHRONIC SLEEP DISTURBANCE: Abundant research demonstrates that 20% or more of people are on a work schedule…

”This is a holdup!” yells the armed gunman as he waves the gun in your face and tells you to give him your valuables.

It’s common to “keep your head down” at work, attempting to stay ”below the radar,” but the most influential people aren’t invisible or trying to be.


I was passed over for promotions four times in three years and my home life was a wreck when my brother told me to stop complaining about it or do something — he’d been hearing my complaints for five years.

After reading books, taking classes, and hiring coaches, counselors…

Have you ever quit your job?

Like a marriage or divorce, the end of a job — and even the relationship itself — can be a traumatic experience, leaving you questioning fundamentals of who you are, what you stand for, and what you want.

My client, we’ll call her Elaine, quit a job she called an abusive relationship. While she was working 70 hour weeks and struggling, those around her were not. They were dumping work and obligations on her. They did not hear or listen or act on her concerns about work balance and task sharing. Her health…

Management by checking the temperature of a person’s chair is not a path to high-performance.

Lean management eliminates unnecessary and wasteful activities and resources like commutes and facilities for the many knowledge workers that don’t authentically require time in the office, who deal exclusively in a working world where information and resources are created, transmitted, and stored electronically.

Don’t forget that the biggest companies prior to the last 20 years were built on multiple continents using telephones, postal mail, and couriers. It is possible to operate at the enterprise level with key participants who are not at the same location.

Is trust really missing in modern organizations?

The media says people don’t trust companies. In fact, people absolutely trust companies.

Some people and employees trust companies to mistreat them, lie to them, and even defraud them.

Some managers don’t trust people to voluntarily do good work. In fact, some managers trust people to not do good work. They actively put in place controls, manipulations, and even coercion intended to keep employees in line.

It is almost a certainty that managers with that mindset will also create similar controls for other organizational stakeholders, including customers.

In response, people, customers, and…

My life changed when I committed to having fantastic relationships in every area of my life.

Nobody has the right to belittle, berate, blame, shame, call you names, or yell at you.

I struggled for years in uncomfortable situations and relationships until I realized I didn’t have to tolerate unacceptable communication behaviors or other boundary violations in my work or personal relationships.

Nobody has the right to belittle, berate, blame, shame, call you names, or yell at you.

For those who are unclear, your manager also has no right to belittle, berate, blame, shame, call you names, or yell at…

I recently saw a paradox that boggled my mind, but that is very true in my experience.

Should we focus on customer experience or revenues?

We Manage to Revenues at the Expense of Everything Else

Take a moment and let the next three sentences sink in.

It’s a fact that the basic tenets of lean management are about maximizing customer value and eliminating waste in the process.

2. Jacob Stoller, author of “The Lean CEO: Leading the Way to World-Class Excellence”, said the following:

3. “The basic tenets of Lean challenge many of the aspects of traditional management theory and calls for a mindset that is foreign to most executives.”

What’s the difference between management and leadership?

Management programs and even some companies talk about leadership, but few people outside academics seem to understand that there’s a very real and often misunderstood difference between “management” and “leadership”.


In a nutshell, management is what gets the quarterly financial results. It’s also often correlated with:

— Influence, power, and control games.

— The toxic, soul-crushing experience so many people share about their job, company, or boss.

— Our current, historically low levels of employee loyalty and engagement.


Leadership is what you experienced the last time you were inspired by a boss or…

Dylan Cornelius

I help leaders go from burnout to balance, develop their leadership skills, and build great relationships and high performing teams using the Team Accelerator.

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